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SAEDACCO is a southeast regional environmental services company. SAEDACCO specializes in providing Direct Push, Conventional Drilling, Roto-Sonic Drilling, Construction, and Remediation services for the environmental industry. The company was founded in 1993 and has established itself as a leading provider of investigation and remediation services to the environmental and engineering consulting industry throughout the Southeastern United States.

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Direct Push Probing

Direct Push/Probe services has become an essential tool in the environmental industry for investigation and remediation.

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Conventional Drilling

Our auger, mud rotary, air rotary, air hammer and coring drill rigs are each capable of drilling to depths in excess of 500 feet.

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Roto-Sonic Drilling

SAEDACCO now has TWO Sonic drill rigs that are track mounted and perfect for environmental drilling including angle drilling.

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Construction & Remediation

SAEDACCO maintains heavy equipment and trained personnel required to perform a wide range of environmental remediation services.

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