About Us

SAEDACCO is a southeast regional environmental services company. SAEDACCO is located in Fort Mill, SC and specializes in providing Direct Push, Drilling, Construction, and Remediation services for the environmental industry. Our company was founded in 1993 and has recently merged with SUMMIT DRILLING, a Northeastern environmental contractor and leader in geophysical, drilling, and remediation services read our press release to learn more.
Our companies are members of the National Ground Water Association and our drilling and construction supervisor's years of experience average in excess of 20 years each. Our professionals are all 40 hour OSHA certified and medically monitored.
SAEDACCO and SUMMIT DRILLING are environmental contractors structured to provide a broad range of service from the initial site investigation through the remediation phase, but now with greater geographic reach. In performing these services, our shared mission is to ensure that we meet the following criteria 100% of the time:
  • We are a customer oriented service organization.
  • We are quality oriented to satisfy and exceed customer expectations.
  • Our work environment is characterized by high ethical standards and highly committed team oriented, well trained, and enthusiastic employees with common goal dedicated to continuous improvement.
  • Safety is paramount in all aspects of our work.

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