Field QA and Performance Evaluation Form

To confirm that we are listening to the needs of our customers, please take a moment to complete the following evaluation form. You comments are very important and will help us continue to provide the best service possible.

General Information:


Equipment and Supplies:

Rig/Tools/Equipment clean on arrival?

Did the crew have all the necessary equipment and supplies to properly complete the job?

Did any lack of equipment or supplies create delays in work progress?

Was the overall condition and operability of the rig, tools, and equipment satisfactory?

Heath and Safety:

Tailgate Safety meeting done daily

Crew wears/changes gloves?

Crew wears eye protection, hard hat, and steel toe boots

Crew utilizes barricades, cones, and/or caution tape to secure work area

Policing of site/general housekeeping of work area

Project Management and Crew Performance:

Adherence to project specifications

Quality of work performed

Quality of work completed and timeliness

Communication with client regarding job progress

Invoicing and job documentation received in a timely manner

Sales staff knowledge and professionalism

Sales staff accuracy and responsiveness in providing proposal

Operations staff helpful in scheduling and coordinating project

SAEDACCO Personnel:

Knowledge and apparent expertise


Cooperation with Field Rep

General Attitude and professionalism


Adherence to good safety practices

General Evaluation:

Overall Rating (1=Unacceptable, 5=Acceptable, 10=Excellent)

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