Summit Drilling, a leading environmental services contractor headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ and SAEDACCO, LLC. of Fort Mill, South Carolina announced their exciting merger. Their combined companies provide a wide range of geophysical, drilling and remediation services to the environmental, engineering/construction, utility infrastructure and aggregate mining industries.


"We are very excited about joining forces with SAEDACCO," states Ron Bucca, Summit Drilling’s President & CEO. "Expanding our capabilities in the Southeast is an important part of our growth strategy. The quality, range of services, and safety culture at SAEDACCO is synergistic with us. You couldn’t draw it up any better. We look forward to locking arms with the leaders at SAEDACCO and continuing our efforts to provide our customers and employees an exceptional experience.”


SAEDACCO specializes in providing direct push, drilling, including roto-sonic, construction, and remediation services. Founded in 1993, the company has established itself as a leading contractor to the environmental and engineering consulting industry throughout the Southeastern United States.


The SUMMIT-SAEDACCO merger extends an industry leading sonic drilling capability from Massachusetts, along the east coast to Georgia and west to Tennessee and Alabama. It also expands their combined direct push fleets, auger and rotary drilling services and further strengthens their site remediation capabilities. SAEDACCO brings years of experience in remediation systems installation and fabrication, such as groundwater treatment, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, carbon/media filtration systems, subsurface injection, and vapor intrusion mitigation services. They also provide excavation, transportation, and disposal of contaminated soils, sludge, liquids, and USTs across the Southeast.


"Merging our company with Summit is a great fit for our team and an extraordinary opportunity", states Pete Byer, President of SAEDACCO. “We share many of the same capabilities and complementary services, that will provide greater experience, availability, and reach for our clients. Our remediation services for example, enable Summit to engage with consultants on larger multifaceted remediation projects up and down the east coast. It’s exciting to be able to add more value to customers through this union and, most importantly, provide additional growth and resources for our employees.” With this combined capability, Summit and SAEDACCO are a leading providers of geophysical services, such as subsurface utility detection and infrastructure locating. They lead the industry in environmental and geotechnical drilling and are the “go-to” source for roto-sonic drilling technology. The advancement of this merger creates new alternatives, benefits and opportunities for environmental consulting and site remediation professionals.

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